failure-copyIn my opinion, Studio C is one of the best comedy sketch groups on the internet. I watched every new video that they post, but I still enjoy going back and viewing their old content. I went back and watched their The Ultimate Football Fail video. It takes place in a locker room after a high school football game. The protagonist of the skit is one of the smaller players on the team, who was humiliated in the game for “failing” to stand up against one of the enemy team’s players, and one of his larger, stronger teammates could not help but make fun of him for it. After receiving these insults, the player attempted to fight back, but could not find any way to insult his teammate. The teammate then bragged that the smaller player “failed” yet again. The smaller player retaliates that his teammate would not understand failure because he had experienced it before. This leads to an entire argument between the two about whether or not it is great that one has not experienced failure.

The argument can be more clear by watching the video rather than summarizing it, but we get to see two different viewpoints in this question as to whether or not it are benefits in failing.

The teammate felt that if he never experiences failure, then he would always have a sense of confidence in himself. This makes him believe that he should take easy routes in life so that he would never experience mistakes in his life.

The main character believes that if one does not experience failure once in a while, he or she will not experience personal growth from those mistakes nor develop into a better character. They would not be able to relate to others who also made mistakes. If that one person who never made a mistake in his or her life made just one, that person would shatter all of their confidence and give up trying. This person would then try to avoid the harder experiences in life in order to stop experiencing the feelings they receive after making their mistakes.

In this argument, I took the side of the protagonist. He made valid points. The reason why most people are who they are is because of the mistakes they made in the past. They learn from those mistakes and grow into a different person. Without failure, we won’t ever feel sorrow for others in their mistakes and won’t strive for great achievement. I experience failure just about every day, and I have to admit that I feel that the person I grew up to become came from these mistakes.


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