Problems with Spelling Errors

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We read an article in class today regarding the prominence of spelling errors from major individuals and groups. The article started off with how POTUS Donald Trump continuously made typos in his tweets and minor spelling errors in other places. This led to concerns from the writer that the rest of Washington and important organizations like the Department of Education. The author believes that these errors breach the importance of the English language and feels that changes must be made so that these errors are more paid attention to before they are even released to the public. While the author does admit that everyone cannot be perfect and spelling errors are bound to happen, he still believes that there must be a prioritization of proofreading a work and check on spelling errors before it is even released for everyone in the world to be able to see.

In my personal opinion, spelling errors are uncontrollable. With the rush of society nowadays, it is hard for one to actually control whether or not they made mistakes. While I agree typos are annoying, it is hard to change the world as it is now.


Blog Reflection

categories-copyFor an assignment in class, my classmates and I have to review the content of all of our blog posts and reflect on how we wrote these posts. Here’s a fun fact about how we write our posts. We call our blogs “SQUID posts,” We we look at a Source and then Question about it, Unite it with our lives, Investigate and look more in depth to it, and/or give our sense of Delight or Disgust in the topic. Looking back at all of my old posts, I find that I tend to add a lot of investigation and talk about my delight in a majority of my topics. I guess the main reason why this is the case is because I write about sources we receive in class and whatever I find interesting in my life.

A majority of the time, my blog posts have related to some sort of failure I have seen in life. Though it may not be noticeable when I organize the tags I use in my posts as it can be seen below, it really is obvious if you read my past posts.
tags-copyFor example, my Mistakes and Replacements post talks about me accidentally breaking my favorite toy and my Failure post talks about an entire video about the importance of failure. There are a lot more blog posts I have written when I think about mistakes that were made. Thinking about the idea of failure, I notice how much of a major aspect it is in human life. If we really think about it, failure is what makes us want to grow into a better person and improve who we are. Though I still make mistakes today, and it haunts me wondering when the next one will come, I find optimism in thinking that I could learn from these mistakes and not let them happen again. I find a lot of interest thinking about the affect failure has in life and I guess that is what drives me to write a lot of posts about this subject.

Importance of Details

whycantyoudraw_2-2_stickmen.pngOne day in class, we read an article called “Let’s Get Specific” by Beth Johnson. In this article, Johnson talks about the importance of vivid details in speech and text. She brings up many examples of passages with lots of vague detail along with another passage of the same topic, but with more details. When comparing the two passages, it was obvious that the passage with more detail was much more vivid and interesting compared to the vaguer one. Normally whenever I write or read, I rarely ever pay attention to the amount of detail that is provided and notice how much interest or imaginings I receive when I read a passage with more or less descriptions. After reading this article, it makes me think back to thinking about every paper I wrote for an assignment in the past. In retrospect, whenever I wrote my past works, I rarely ever paid much attention to the amount of specificity and descriptions I put into my writings. The only times when I ever do is when the prompt or my teacher tells me to write descriptively. This article makes me really want to work hard in improving how I stylistically write my essays and become a better writer.

Thanks Dad!

16492430_1827266297543692_716565161_o.jpgMy feet tend to not grow that fast, so for three years, I kept the same two pairs of shoes. One I used for any casual day of running and walking and another I used to play tennis. Even after three years, I rarely ever looked at them carefully up until recently. I noticed in my normal shoes multiple stitches breaking, loosening the pieces of the shoes. There was one large hole on the very top of one of them that I noticed about a year ago, but I never paid much attention because it was just the one. Now there are lots of rips in the shoes, making the exterior grow thinner and thinner until it will most likely have holes covering them. In the case of my tennis shoes, their leather covering is beginning to scratch off. The soles were starting to wear down, reducing the amount of traction I have whenever I run. Some stitches were breaking as well on this pair and I had one hole growing on the side of each shoe.

I figured the time came to buy replacements for these old things, so I asked my dad to help me get them. My dad happily complied because of how well my final grades turned out for this semester. In the end, I settled with a pair of black and blue running shoes for my regular days and a new pair of white tennis shoes whenever I play the sport.

Is Play Dying?

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In class, we watched a speech from a TedX event regarding the state of play in the modern day. In this talk, Dr. Peter Gray discusses how over the past 60 years in the United States, children had less freedom to play with other children without any adult supervision. He mentions how several studies show how in this period of time, there has been a correlation with the dramatic increase in mental disorders in children and adolescents. Some cases include anxiety, depression, helplessness, or even the tendency of suicide. Based on past and his own research, Dr. Gray encourages his audience to take part and give their children more freedom to play with others in order to maintain healthy social and emotional development and gives them steps on how which we can bring free play back to children’s lives.

I found this speech quite inspiring and also wonder about the state of play nowadays. When I think about the children when they are outside school in old-time photos that are decades old, I see them all together in streets playing ball, tag, and all sorts of games. Comparing it to now, the streets are more crowded. Once school is out, children are usually on the way home. When I thought about that, I felt disappointed; I wish that I can see the days when children are having fun together outside and look more free.