8245307340_b2732a5285_z.jpgPhoto ©2015 by Raxon Rex [CC-BY-SA-2.0]

I recently rewatched one of my old favorite superhero films from Japan that I first watched when I was a child.

The premise of the film was that a father lost his wife and child due to a chronic, incurable disease. His wife’s spirit was able to pass on to the next life, but his son’s was trapped between the world of the living and dead as a lingering spirit. The father was given the opportunity by the villain organization of the film to revive his son and return him to the world of the living and possibly even his wife, but the cost was to sacrifice thousands of lives in order to do so. The heroes managed to stop the plot, but throughout the film the son made it clear that he was ok with staying dead, but his father refused to listen. This fact gave me some ideological questions.

It made me wonder to myself, if we had the power to bring back someone we know to life, would we take it? Do we have the right to forcibly take them away from the land in the sky and bring them back to this world? Would the dead be willing to accept their fate and reject their revival? Questions like these arose after I watched the film and even I don’t have my own answer to them.


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