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Yesterday, a couple of my Spanish classmates went on a field trip to the Museum of Latin American Art to admire and learn about the art of a famous artist named Frank Romero. We had the opportunity to take a tour and admire the various works that he worked on. We explored the various art styles that he tried out over the years and the overall history that occurred when he created his works. Me and most of my classmates would agree that his paintings were quite eccentric while also quite amazing. The funny thing was that that was just about what Romero wanted people to feel when they view his paintings.

After our short time in the museum we went to Olvera Street to shop, have fun, and experience Mexican culture. We all split into small groups to enjoy the sights and try out various foods. My friends and I went into a restaurant and tried new foods like tostadas, a pizza-like food with a toasted tortilla and multiple toppings; tamales, a steamed-cooked burrito of sorts; and carnitas, which is like a kind of meat dish. After stuffing ourselves up, we went out into the street to go shopping. I bought myself a couple of toys and two of my friends got giant sombreros. The one thing just about all of us in my group bought were confetti eggs, which are basically eggshells filled with confetti that we could break on top of our friends’ heads. We had the most fun playing with them, trying to find ways to outsmart each other and catch each other off-guard while we pull these fun pranks on each other. While the bus ride home was long and painful due to the amount of traffic on the highway, yesterday was one of the best days I ever had in my life because it was one of the few times in my life that I was able to go out with my friends on a weekend to have fun.


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