Spring Allergies

2394563737_e9165721c9_z.jpgIf there is one thing I hate about spring, it’s the yearly allergies I get. Every year, it starts off with a really runny nose that persists over the course of 3-5 days. Afterwards, my throat gets scratchy and then it turns into a painful soreness. I even get the occasional coughing fits. With how frequently these symptoms occur every spring, I am not even surprised that I have them. I don’t tend to get sick easily because I have a mostly strong immune system, but it isn’t strong enough to protect me from my allergies. Though the allergies are a downside, I get to take my favorite cough drops that really helps a lot in these scenarios. Another good thing I am glad is that I didn’t lose my voice like one spring a few years ago. That was the worst allergy season I ever had in my life.


Wasting Food

7159545832_27da719d0c_z.jpgPhoto ©2012 by Mark Turnauckas [CC-BY-SA-2.0]

I watched a video last week from the LA Times and focusing about the expiration dates that are on food products, more specifically, milk. The video also provides a small survey on normal supermarket shoppers to see if they understood what the expiration date was. Turns out that not many of them actually know. Another topic that is brought up in the video is that the expiration date that is written on the product is not actually standardized. The date that is given is not actually when the product becomes bad to consume. Even so, the market distributors are forced to take those “expired” products off the shelves and dispose of them due to state laws. This means dumping dozens of milk jugs into dumpsters or into the drain. It pains me to watch gallons of milk being wasted just because a random date on the container says it is when it is best. Obviously milk does go bad, but it does not on the day the container says. I drank milk a little past the expiration date before, but it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. It almost tasted perfectly normal. Going a few more days afterwards, it did taste more off than usual, but it was still fine. A solution must be made to this issue with expiration dates so that other people in the world that need food can have these often-times perfectly good food isn’t put to waste.