Capture.PNGAn article by the New York Times discusses about the future of robotics in our world. By the looks of the growth in technological advancements nowadays, we may see more and more robots running our industries and lives. Everything becomes automated and almost parallels the advancements in the Industrial Revolutions of the world. By 2055, the Third Industrial Revolution may become part of the history textbooks of the future. With a large trend in growth in the human population, we may need the help of these untiring machines to help sustain human life. This brings up the worry as to whether machines will eventually take over the entire labor force of the world, leaving a large number of people without jobs. While it is not very likely that this scenario would occur, it is striking to think about the possibilities and the effect it would have. The article brings up the question as to where artificial intelligence may become major aspects of our technological society. We already have limited AI’s in the form of SIRI, Cortana, and all other forms of voice-reading/voice-activated software. Who knows how much these programs could advance. With technology being a major aspect of the present day, it is interesting to think about how much more it can develop towards the future.


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