Yesterday, I had an opportunity to volunteer for an event with one of my school’s clubs. We went over to a school and helped out in a small farm of a local elementary school. When we were there about three other schools’ clubs were there with us to get the job done. This made our workforce about as big as 30 people. Some people were given the job to shovel up piles of soil and compost into buckets while others take the buckets to areas of the crops garden that needed it. Others helped out by laying out food for some of the farm animals to eat. We had so many volunteers that some people were unable to work. For me, I initially took the job of shoveling up the soil into the buckets, but the way the soil was treated was in a way that made it very hard to break apart, making me very tired midway through the job. I persisted until I asked someone that was willing to take over for me. I would switch over in helping to feed the farm animals.

Initially, I thought we were just going to work in a small community garden by planting crops or harvesting them. This led me to be very surprised when I saw the variety of farm animals that were there. This was the first time I ever was up close to live chickens, sheep, and even the most special creature of the farm, a giant tortoise. While the work was obviously hard, it was an overall fun experience to work on a farm, even if it was small, and to be up close to these animals.


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