Wages copy

Photo by: LA Times.

An article I read by Natalie Kristoeff and Geoffrey Mohan of the LA Times made me realize that the job issues in America isn’t so great as it seems. Even though wages are rising in California, not many Americans want the jobs. California has a situation with its farms and owners that the Trump administration has not supported. Though it is true that wages are increasing and jobs are in high demand in the farming industry, the farmer owners are not benefiting. They just cannot find workers for their farms in order to gain success.

Before the Trump administration, many workplaces have had a slower rate of hiring workers due to the tightening of the country’s borders. Now with the promise of Trump to deport illegal immigrants and build a wall across the southern border, California is facing the threat of losing more workers than they can hire. While some people may agree that deporting illegal immigrants and the wall could benefit the country, there are many people that rely on these immigrants in order to maintain their business. The rise of wages in California along with the demand for jobs does not help the fact that not many people want to possess these jobs. Yes, while it may be true that some of our nation’s jobs are taken by illegal immigrants, we must remember that some of these businesses need these workers to fulfill a job that many others would be unwilling to perform. Though I would rather not reveal my position as to whether or not I support laws and policies regarding illegal immigration, I still feel sorry for the employers and businesses that could potentially decline due to the lack of workers that want them.


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