The Meaning of a Poem


When I read the poem To Converse With the Greats by Vera Pavlova, I noticed that there is no definite idea as to what we will converse with the greats about. The poem feels incomplete, lacking any ending and also is questionable to the point that I have to write this blog post. I do not see any definite purpose to writing this poem and wonder what was the author’s purpose when writing it. Is it a message supposed to encourage readers to have a better purpose or to inspire those that want to give up? Maybe there is no definite answer and it all depends on how we interpret it.


22 Push-Up Challenge

giphy.gifEvery day, 22 veterans are dying from suicide. A couple of friends and myself are taking part in a relatively small challenge for the past few days to help bring awareness over this issue. Every day, for 22 days, we have to record ourselves doing 22 push-ups and post it onto social media. Not only that, but we have to tag an individual to make them perform the challenge as well. The hope of this challenge is to have many people see the posts over a long period of time and help give support for the veterans in the world who are suffering and contemplating death. I have been trying my hardest to show my support these past few days, and I hope for the betterment of the lives of our country’s veterans.

“No Speak English”

mangostreet2Going back to the book The House on Mango Street, one of the many stories gave me questions was the chapter “No Speak English.” In this chapter, the main character, Esperanza, talks about a neighbor named Mamacita, who is a Mexican immigrant like her. Unlike Esperanza and lots of her other neighbors, Mamacita refuses to speak English, even though the country they moved to, the US, is mostly speaks English. This makes me wonder what Mamacita is so afraid of in learning English. She consistently desires to speak and hear only Spanish. She does not even speak broken English and only learned a five English phrases that have no regular uses or that can get her out of needing to speak English. I want to know what is she so afraid of to not learn how to speak English. It concerns me that her stubbornness is straining her relationship with her husband and son and makes her looked down on by the neighbors.

An Underdog Movie

doctor_strange_posterI had the opportunity today to view the movie Doctor Strange this morning. Marvel studios never ceases to amaze me with their various films in their Marvel Cinematic Universe. They brought an almost unknown hero from the comics and gave him a movie that surprised millions of people. While Doctor Strange is literally one of the most powerful heroes in comic books, he is also one of the most underrated. I know how little attention this sorcerer had in the past few years. He barely get long-lasting stories, has a limited audience, and is less iconic compared to Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man, and so many others. The success of this film parallels that of another Marvel film, the Guardians of the Galaxy. These heroes were once one of the lesser known individuals in comic books, but their film rose their popularity, and made them known to non-comicbook readers. I never would have thought that Marvel would get lucky again with another one-shot movie. Marvel literally added Doctor Strange in the middle of their scheduled movies and pushed so many future projects forward just for a massive gamble. Looks like this gamble paid off.

Dreaded 2016

US Map.jpgThis is a bit of a late post, but on Monday the 7th last week, we read an article from Mickey Edwards of the LA Times relating to the chaos of this year’s presidential election. The article prominently discusses how this year, it would be more than likely that the supporters of the losing candidate would cause revolt that would destroy our entire country. Before the election, I questioned why this year’s election extremely competitive supporters. Maybe I never noticed it in the past because I was young, but I swear that I do not remember the presidential election being this intense compared to other years. I always saw the election as peaceful conflicts between the candidates, but all I saw this year were two people insulting each other. While I am glad to see that there isn’t any revolts like how Edwards worried in his article, I really hope that this year will end on a better note.

It makes me realize that 2016 was not the best year for the world: lots of shootings, many well-known celebrity deaths, death of Harambe, etc. True most of these topics occurred years before, but they were not so extreme or massively prominent as this year. I just pray that 2017 will turn out better.

Running Out of Ideas

20161106_161601.jpgI have a really bad case of writer’s block right now. We are supposed to do three blog posts a week about what is going on in our lives, but I am now left clueless. I like writing about a lot of things that I like or occur during the day, but recently I have been running out of ideas. Normally, ideas would come to my mind and I would become inspired to write it down. Recently though, I sometimes find myself staring at a blank screen, frustrated with myself and questioning why nothing can inspire me. I sometimes end up having to randomly browse Google Images, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and a lot of other sites to find some sort of inspiration, but it is hard to do so when I have no idea what to look for. After almost an hour of thinking, I finally got an idea for my third blog post. I would write about myself having a hard time thinking about a third blog post. That is how this blog post you are reading right now was inspired.

ɟsɾlɟpɾlʞ SOMBRA ɾlɐɾɐɟɾp


As many fellow fans of gamers of mine know, a new character has finally been introduced to the futuristic world of Overwatch. For months, players have be given hints by the game-makers of her existence, but up till now we only knew her name. She is Sombra, one of the greatest hackers in this futuristic world. The game’s host company, Blizzard, gave a surprising reveal to loving fans and visitors to their annual convention BlizzCon. There they showed a well-made animated trailer that introduces the game’s players the background, skills, and personality of this once-mysterious character. Sombra’s theme is very unique to the original 22 characters. As seen by her cinematic trailer, she is able to hack virtually anything with the touch of her fingertips. Not only that, she is stealthy: able to turn invisible and teleport to certain locations. While, many Overwatch fans are conflicted as to whether they like Sombra, they are still happy that she is no longer a secret that needs to be kept.

One Bad Day


Photo ©2014 by ♣ Digitalluis ♫ [CC-BY-SA-2.0]

“All it takes is one bad day to turn the sanest man alive to lunacy.”

-The Joker

The Joker is one of the most notorious villains. He is murderous, psychotic, and overall insane. Despite these flaws, the Joker has shown cases of going out of these phases for just a moment and speaks about things that someone sane probably cannot see in the minds of people like him. The quote above is probably one the Joker’s most famous quotes from his most darkest story, The Killing Joke, which I recently read in a local bookstore.

The great thing about this story is that it tells an amazing interpretation of the Joker’s origin and birth. Once an average man, one bad day turned him towards a path of terrorism, laughs, and lunacy. In debt and trying to support his pregnant wife, the man the Joker once was got involved in helping two mobsters stealing money from his place of work, a chemical factory. The man would use his share of the money to help support his wife and soon to be born child. On the day of the heist, the Joker’s wife died in a car accident, but the mobsters forced him to help them anyways. The heist went wrong; the two mobsters died in a gunfight and the man had to escape by jumping into a vat of unknown chemicals. Emerging from a pipe into a rainstorm, the man stared into a puddle and saw nothing but a man with bleached skin, green hair, red lips, and a sinister smile. The Joker was born that day, once a sane man just like us, but a bad day turned him insane.

The quote above is something the Joker mentions in the present-day of the story, ambiguously referencing his own private origin. Thinking about it, this quote is shown to be very true to many individuals. The Joker’s opposite, the Batman, became a dark and even considered insane man who pummels criminals in the night dressed like a bat because his bad day was seeing a mugger murder his parents. Many people in the real world would probably not change as drastically as these two, but they would most likely be emotionally and mentally hurt after one bad day, that changes who they are.