103577715_b048e6f9e8_mPhoto ©2013 by Mooganic [CC-BY-SA-2.0]

We read an article in class today regarding the prominence of spelling errors from major individuals and groups. The article started off with how POTUS Donald Trump continuously made typos in his tweets and minor spelling errors in other places. This led to concerns from the writer that the rest of Washington and important organizations like the Department of Education. The author believes that these errors breach the importance of the English language and feels that changes must be made so that these errors are more paid attention to before they are even released to the public. While the author does admit that everyone cannot be perfect and spelling errors are bound to happen, he still believes that there must be a prioritization of proofreading a work and check on spelling errors before it is even released for everyone in the world to be able to see.

In my personal opinion, spelling errors are uncontrollable. With the rush of society nowadays, it is hard for one to actually control whether or not they made mistakes. While I agree typos are annoying, it is hard to change the world as it is now.


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