whycantyoudraw_2-2_stickmen.pngOne day in class, we read an article called “Let’s Get Specific” by Beth Johnson. In this article, Johnson talks about the importance of vivid details in speech and text. She brings up many examples of passages with lots of vague detail along with another passage of the same topic, but with more details. When comparing the two passages, it was obvious that the passage with more detail was much more vivid and interesting compared to the vaguer one. Normally whenever I write or read, I rarely ever pay attention to the amount of detail that is provided and notice how much interest or imaginings I receive when I read a passage with more or less descriptions. After reading this article, it makes me think back to thinking about every paper I wrote for an assignment in the past. In retrospect, whenever I wrote my past works, I rarely ever paid much attention to the amount of specificity and descriptions I put into my writings. The only times when I ever do is when the prompt or my teacher tells me to write descriptively. This article makes me really want to work hard in improving how I stylistically write my essays and become a better writer.


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