16492430_1827266297543692_716565161_o.jpgMy feet tend to not grow that fast, so for three years, I kept the same two pairs of shoes. One I used for any casual day of running and walking and another I used to play tennis. Even after three years, I rarely ever looked at them carefully up until recently. I noticed in my normal shoes multiple stitches breaking, loosening the pieces of the shoes. There was one large hole on the very top of one of them that I noticed about a year ago, but I never paid much attention because it was just the one. Now there are lots of rips in the shoes, making the exterior grow thinner and thinner until it will most likely have holes covering them. In the case of my tennis shoes, their leather covering is beginning to scratch off. The soles were starting to wear down, reducing the amount of traction I have whenever I run. Some stitches were breaking as well on this pair and I had one hole growing on the side of each shoe.

I figured the time came to buy replacements for these old things, so I asked my dad to help me get them. My dad happily complied because of how well my final grades turned out for this semester. In the end, I settled with a pair of black and blue running shoes for my regular days and a new pair of white tennis shoes whenever I play the sport.


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