16251246_1820237524913236_2013231145_o.jpg2017 had an ok start; nothing bad particularly happened (besides the presidential inauguration to most people). The weather has turned quite peculiar. Friday had one of the hardest rain showers in years. The rain was pouring down so hard that just standing in it for an entire minute drenched my jacket. The winds were so powerful that it bent and snapped the frame of my umbrella. On Saturday, the weather turned relatively calm; the sky was sunnier and mostly clear and the winds turned calm. By the looks of it, rain would not come again for possibly a few days or weeks. Boy was I wrong. The rain came back today, Sunday January 22nd, but it was more aggressive and lasted longer than any rainy day in the past few years. If you want to know how long it has been raining, it has been pouring since last night and is still active while I am writing this blog post so late in the evening. While I appreciate the skies providing us with water that we desperately needed for so long, it makes me wonder what is happening to our world that is making the atmosphere give us more rain. I’m not going to complain about it and say its a bad thing, but it’s still a provocative thought as to how our world is changing.


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