Photo ©2014 by Tony Brooks [CC-BY-SA-2.0]

My class was recently given an article to read about an analyze for our homework. The article talks about how extreme responses to protests have been on a North Dakota oil pipeline. The oil pipeline was supposed to be built across the native land of the existing Standing Rock Tribe of the region. The protests of the Native Americans against the pipeline’s construction was met with harsh opposition by the local authorities. Hundreds of protesters have already been arrested and its sad to see that the people’s devotion to protecting their home being ignored. The article discusses how the local authorities are going as far as to call in riot squads to defend themselves from potential attacks. While I do admit that the protesters made a mistake in trying to use drones to survey the police squad, I do not think it was right for the cops to harshly attack the protesters for defending the rights of the Native Americans. With the Native American population declining, it’s hard for me to believe that there are people that don’t want to help preserve their existence.


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