photo-on-12-4-16-at-5-36-pm-22016 was not the best year for Samsung. With their phones exploding and other products malfunctioning, their businesses, sales, and stocks were declining. I possessed a Galaxy S7 about a few weeks after the devices released in March. It worked perfectly for months even after reports were made about the issues with Samsung’s products. Since most of the cases of malfunctioning phones were for the Galaxy S7 EDGE and Galaxy Note 7, I felt that my S7 would survive with me for years. ¬†Unfortunately for me, I was wrong. About two weeks ago, I saw that phone kept restarting by itself when I set it aside or while I am using it. It also overheated quite often and sometimes shuts down completely and would not turn on for hours until I figured out how to forcibly reboot it. Initially, these issues occurred every few days and maybe only once in each of those days. I tolerated my phone for a while, until it started malfunctioning at least four times a day. The phone was essentially rendered useless. I was lucky enough that the warranty for my phone was one year, which has not passed yet, so I got a new warranty phone and received it just a few days ago. Up till now, none of my past issues have not arisen yet, and I really do hope that they don’t occur again for a while.


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