11695021_1601173720152952_2395733954131976713_nMy dad is like many other parents who look out for their children. He provides me with food everyday, drives me wherever I need to go, bought me lots of things I liked, etc. Dad knows a lot about me, but after being given an assignment in class to interview a family member, I realized that I did not know a lot about my dad when he was young. I took this as an opportunity to interview about my dad and discussing about this era of his life, and I learned how hard he had to live.

My dad was born in Vietnam. According to him, he had to take a lot of the major responsibilities in the household along with his dad due to being the oldest child of nine brothers. Living in his village was full of hardships and difficulties. The town did not really have proper streets and transportation, leading to him having to walk on dirty, sometimes even muddy, roads to get to school or other places. Living in a poor family, Dad had to help grandpa with a small family business of selling noodles to provide for themselves. Comparing myself to Dad, I realize that I actually have it easy living with him in my generation. I have no brothers to take care of. I live in a city that is somewhat organized and easy to live in and my parents have stable jobs with regular income. I feel sorry for my dad for what he had to live through as a child and am glad that he is living a happy life right now.


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