mangostreet2Going back to the book The House on Mango Street, one of the many stories gave me questions was the chapter “No Speak English.” In this chapter, the main character, Esperanza, talks about a neighbor named Mamacita, who is a Mexican immigrant like her. Unlike Esperanza and lots of her other neighbors, Mamacita refuses to speak English, even though the country they moved to, the US, is mostly speaks English. This makes me wonder what Mamacita is so afraid of in learning English. She consistently desires to speak and hear only Spanish. She does not even speak broken English and only learned a five English phrases that have no regular uses or that can get her out of needing to speak English. I want to know what is she so afraid of to not learn how to speak English. It concerns me that her stubbornness is straining her relationship with her husband and son and makes her looked down on by the neighbors.


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