doctor_strange_posterI had the opportunity today to view the movie Doctor Strange this morning. Marvel studios never ceases to amaze me with their various films in their Marvel Cinematic Universe. They brought an almost unknown hero from the comics and gave him a movie that surprised millions of people. While Doctor Strange is literally one of the most powerful heroes in comic books, he is also one of the most underrated. I know how little attention this sorcerer had in the past few years. He barely get long-lasting stories, has a limited audience, and is less iconic compared to Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man, and so many others. The success of this film parallels that of another Marvel film, the Guardians of the Galaxy. These heroes were once one of the lesser known individuals in comic books, but their film rose their popularity, and made them known to non-comicbook readers. I never would have thought that Marvel would get lucky again with another one-shot movie. Marvel literally added Doctor Strange in the middle of their scheduled movies and pushed so many future projects forward just for a massive gamble. Looks like this gamble paid off.


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