20161106_161601.jpgI have a really bad case of writer’s block right now. We are supposed to do three blog posts a week about what is going on in our lives, but I am now left clueless. I like writing about a lot of things that I like or occur during the day, but recently I have been running out of ideas. Normally, ideas would come to my mind and I would become inspired to write it down. Recently though, I sometimes find myself staring at a blank screen, frustrated with myself and questioning why nothing can inspire me. I sometimes end up having to randomly browse Google Images, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and a lot of other sites to find some sort of inspiration, but it is hard to do so when I have no idea what to look for. After almost an hour of thinking, I finally got an idea for my third blog post. I would write about myself having a hard time thinking about a third blog post. That is how this blog post you are reading right now was inspired.


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