As many fellow fans of gamers of mine know, a new character has finally been introduced to the futuristic world of Overwatch. For months, players have be given hints by the game-makers of her existence, but up till now we only knew her name. She is Sombra, one of the greatest hackers in this futuristic world. The game’s host company, Blizzard, gave a surprising reveal to loving fans and visitors to their annual convention BlizzCon. There they showed a well-made animated trailer that introduces the game’s players the background, skills, and personality of this once-mysterious character. Sombra’s theme is very unique to the original 22 characters. As seen by her cinematic trailer, she is able to hack virtually anything with the touch of her fingertips. Not only that, she is stealthy: able to turn invisible and teleport to certain locations. While, many Overwatch fans are conflicted as to whether they like Sombra, they are still happy that she is no longer a secret that needs to be kept.


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