20161030_174916.jpgI only made a post about a week or two ago predicting that summer does not seem to end even though it is fall. I now see that my prediction is wrong. I really got to know why nature does not just turn cold when we expect it to be fall. The days have been freezing recently and lots of rain has been falling these past few days. While the recent drizzles and downpours may just be those fast and random ones at the start of the sudden changes in climate, I am quite satisfied with the changes in fall this year. It has gotten so cold in the house that I have to switch out of shorts and a no-sleeve shirt to long pants and a sweater every night along with an even heavier blanket. Practicing outside for my school sport, tennis, is not as tormenting and stressful with the massive heat that builds up in the afternoon as well. I really am hoping that these cold days recently will continue going on through this season and that they are not just some random occurrence.


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