16447003581_3dfb42b8b5_zPhoto ©2015 by yosuke watanabe

I really have to tell myself to stop watching scary videos before I go to bed. I literally get the worst case of paranoia at night. Last night, I watched a video by this Youtuber named Planet Dolan, who posts a variety of videos that focus on Top 10’s, trivia, and a variety of other topics. In the video I watched last night, Dolan read “true” stories that his fans share with him on his Reddit page. The stories involved the fans experiences home alone and having very ominous or sometimes even horrific events. The stories really got to my head. They are so horrific that I do not think it is appropriate to discuss on my blog. Regardless, those stories got through my head so much that I just could not sleep. I had the constant fear in the back of my head if I would have a terrifying experience like those fans.

It was 3 AM when I was calming down and about to close my eyes and go to sleep, I heard a car drive by and parked next to my house. I held my breath in fear and hesitantly looked out my window. I never saw anyone get out of the car, but even so after that, I began hearing noises coming from downstairs. I never stayed up this late before, and had no experience of knowing what sounds in the house were naturally made at night. I tried telling myself that I never heard any door opening or glass breaking, so there could not be any way that someone came into our house. I hid behind my bed and grabbed a long wooden rod from underneath, waiting for someone to come upstairs. I waited so long that I fell asleep and never reawoke until it was 6 AM this morning and the sun was up. I told myself that because it was daylight, there was no way an intruder would stay in my house, so I went back to bed and slept in the whole morning.


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