29597281914_e4ffe1aeac_zPhoto ©2016 by antoku hero [CC-by-2.0]

Yesterday, I talked about how Japan creates very influential television shows through their tokusatsu genre. I have enjoyed one of their most successful series, Kamen Rider (trans. Masked Rider), for nearly seven years. Kamen Rider releases a new season every year with a new hero inheriting the title. Each hero lives through a normal life, but when creatures that threaten the world appear, they protect the people that cannot fight back. Every Kamen Rider has their own special motifs like a wizard, ghost, time traveler, race car driver, and so many others that I cannot even list right now.

For this year they are combining the theme of doctors and gamers to create their newest and one of the most unique installments of the series, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. So far, the plot follows a struggling, video game obsessed pediatrician, who works with the desire to put smiles on everyone’s faces. When Japan was inflicted with a special virus that was released from a video game world that invades a host, corrupts their bodies, and turns into a monster that works to continue spreading the virus and repeat the process. The pediatrician would receive a special device that transforms him into Ex-Aid, combining his love for video games and the desire to help patients in need. The power of the device allows him to cure the virus hosts by defeating their monstrous forms and return them to normal. This series is pretty new with only three episodes by the time I write this post, but just by watching the show, many would agree that it does have some promise.


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