grasshopperMy dad is really amazing. He finds the best creatures in our backyard.

Few years ago, Dad found a rabbit that snuck into the backyard and we kept it for a few days till we found the owner. Another time, he found a lizard that was creeping around our pool.

Two years ago, a pair of ducks repeatedly came into our backyard for a few days, and we wondered why they always came back. We then found out they laid eggs.

That summer, Dad caught an escaped bird that was sick and dying; unfortunately, we could not treat it and it died the next morning.

This year, Dad caught ourselves a grasshopper. He was watering the flowers in our backyard and then he saw the huge bug hopping and flying around. Dad used his hose to shoot water at it in order to prevent it from flying away. He would keep it in a tiny box and kept it in the kitchen for a day before Mom complained to release it. It was sad to see another creature go away, but I am excited to know what is coming next.


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