Photo ©2016 by Mobil Yaşam [CC-by-2.0]

The Galaxy Note 7 is probably one of the worst devices created this year. Samsung may have created one of the most hazardous phones out there. Apparently, the phone’s internals are so faultily made that the battery is prone to explode. Phones are well-known to heat up after extensive usage, but they are rarely known for exploding so occasionally as the Note 7. Samsung even requested a recalling of the Note 7 products from customers in an attempt to give them properly-working phones. Even so, many people still had cases where the phone still explodes.

I use the Galaxy S7, which I bought about 3 or 4 months before the Note 7 released, and am I glad that I was impatient to get a new phone. Making two new phones a year (one for the “S” series and one for the “Note” series) must be reducing the quality of work at Samsung.

I question whether or not Samsung can get themselves out of this hole that they dug by producing the Note 7, but pray that their future models can live to their expectations.


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