I believe that one day beings from other worlds appear up in our sky and state their purpose for visiting us earthlings. If they do come, what will they be like?

Photo ©2008 by MayankBhogal [CC-by-2.0]

Will they look like how we imagine them in our media and entertainment…

Photo ©2010 by Beckie [CC-by-2.0], Photo ©2008 by apastor85 [CC-by-2.0], and Photo ©2012 by Laurent Canniccioni [CC-by-2.0]

or something else completely unexpected?

Will they be intelligent, human-like, or even a comprehendible language?

The possibilities are potentially endless, but where are they now?

Our space-traveling capabilities are very much limited, but that does not mean that there could be something out in the universe that is capable of doing so. Earth cannot possibly be the only life-sustaining planet out there in the universe. IF the universe is infinite, I question (even with the thousands of years of history we have) how have we not seen anything yet?


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